I believe creative people should keep lively and meaningful connections to be able to produce meaningful work. 
Here you can find a short list of friends, colleagues and projects I wholeheartedly ❤️ support and I would totally advice you to check out. Most of them are other creatives I know and worked with or that I genuinely admire. Mostly are working on socially engaged projects at the intersections of art and design and are literally doing a great job out there! 💥

→ Aus dem Rahmen–Elderly Queers is an ongoing project by artists Markus Gebhardt & Sebastian Kraner with a focus on queer identities among elderly people. As we all say: old but gold!

→ Cross Cultural Chairs is a research project about rituals, gatherings, social and cultural differences using as a tool the most known and common object: The chair. Matteo Guarnaccia is a product designer and he is currently travelling and designing chairs in 8 different countries in collaboration with local studios. Must-check-that-out!
→ Bogomir Doringer is an artist, curator & researcher. I worked on different projects of his. We developed some academic writing for his ongoing project I Dance Alone. I did some editorial assistance for his recent publication FACELESS, and curated the graphic design for his latest exhibition Dance of Urgency. We are currently working together on his next publication Dance of Urgency (to be published in summer 2019). He's just BEYOND!

→ The Embassy of Internet is a speculative project investigating the future of internet and its role in our society initiated by Gianluca Monaco & Melani De Luca both great artists & designers.
→ Gentry Junk is a project by Dilruba Erkan, sociologist & researcher who's work investigates gentrification and its consequences in society. This is the most meaningful "junk" you could find around!
Magma–mostra di cinema breve is an international short film festival taking place in Acireale, the city where I come from in Sicily. I am working for it from some years now and has been a great growth and learning opportunity. We try to make people fall in love with moving images. Isn't it great?
→ Stefano Mori is an architect who's professional work focuses on sustainable, socially engaged, earth-based architecture. He's doing so many other things that telling would be much less convincing than showing!
→ Peter Oroszlany is a graphic designer merging his social and graphic design skills to create new narratives in the social and urban texture.
→ Francesco Tagliavia is an artist & designer working between graphic and fashion design. He's also a very talented "story-teller". Swag guy!
→ Cosima Terrasse is an artist & social designer working on a variety of topics, using artistic strategies to create space for negotiation in public space.  She's just really good at what she does!